From cycling, running and triathlon to tennis and much more... Discover our patient and athlete references here.

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Great personal support and very enthusiastic coaches. Highly recommended!

Kathy Scherpereel

I would like to say a big thank you to your team and especially to my therapist Karel for his patience and great dedication. Thanks to him I have already improved a lot and made progress in terms of muscle strength. Not giving up. Let's do this! I am really satisfied. Regards, Sophie Lefebvre

Sophie Lefebvre

Only THE best Physio Practice in Flanders without a doubt - managed very much on the Australian model (mostly because i've not seen or heard of this anywhere in Flanders) that I was used to back home - not just a place to heal pulls, tears or other sports injuries, but a fully equipped practice where athletes can heal, revalidate and in a very modern, functional manner, become stronger, fitter and increase performance to new levels. Myself and all of the athletes i'm involved with call it home! Gr, Mark Andrew Burke, Burkesquash Academy (Waregem) and National Coach (Squash) of Luxembourg. (PS Special thanks to Manu Wemel - whom without I'd have retired long ago!).

Mark Andrew Burke

"Thank you, Manu!!! A pelvic injury in late 2016 left me with no choice but to stop taking part in the triathlon! A big disappointment. I had countless scans and consulted lots of specialists but no one could give me a solution or a correct diagnosis!! Many months passed without any improvement, on the contrary. Then Filip Speybroek advised me to go and talk to Callewaert-Wemel. We had a frank chat and I told Manu he was my last hope for recovery/improvement. Fast-forward to January 2018, more than a year later, after hours of hard work and rehabilitation, mental chats and boosts, Manu discharged me from physio and told me I had to try it on my own. Well, I started walking and cycling from scratch and now I am once again getting great results! My pelvis is under control and I am happy to say I am exercising again, STRONGER THAN EVER!!! Manu was my last hope and YES, he lived up to my expectations!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! This practice is a must for every passionate athlete. Kind regards, Frederik Decoene

Frederik Decoene

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From cycling, running and triathlon to tennis and much more... Discover our patient and athlete references here.

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