Our Basecamp in Waregem has meanwhile grown into one of the largest centers in Belgiumë for sports rehabilitation and coaching. This ensures that we have everything we need and more to tackle a wide range of injuries and goals.

Welcome to our basecamp!


Our basecamp is the ideal base that gives you access to a range of equipment and tools, in addition, of course, to our extensive knowledge and expertise. We constantly strive for perfection, also in terms of equipment, which is why we only use top materials and training equipment at our basecamp. We constantly search for the best quality and the most innovative techniques. A group practice offers plenty of benefits, and this is just one of them nbsp; Enjoy to the full!


Our strength and cardio equipment are manufactured by the top brand Technogym. This Italian brand offers a combination of quality and aesthetic materials.
In order to achieve an even more efficient result in terms of strength boosting, we can also use our Desmotec tools for flywheel training. This excentric training boosts your strength more than conventional strength training.

For our stabilization training we have been using the Redcord system
for a very long time in addition to classic fitness balls, Bosu, Xco and so much more. For the more functional vertical stabilization training, we also work with SensoPro, a Swiss product that poses a real challenge at every level.

In order to speed up our patients' rehabilitation process or to offer our athletes an alternative condition training that puts less pressure on their joints and tendons, we use the revolutionary Alter-G treadmill, which was developed based on NASA technology.

Our injury preventive screening is carried out via SpartaNova, a spin-off of Ghent University and VUB which has developed a high-quality online platform specifically for this purpose.


Flywheel training is a form of training to achieve better and faster results in strength building than with conventional strength training alone. It is a training that was developed for astronauts to prevent muscle breakdown during a long stay in space.
With Desmotec, the flywheel training system we use, we can take major leaps in rehabilitation, prevention and performance improvement to get you to a higher level! "

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The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a revolutionary treadmill. This zero-gravity technology was developed by NASA to train their astronauts.
This device lets people walk at a percentage of their body weight (from 20 to 100%), which we can determine. This is of course extremely interesting to speed up the rehabilitation process and to resume walking much earlier in the program.
People with serious ankle, knee, hip, or back injuries can progressively (percent-based) put more pressure on their injury without skipping any major steps.
For some people who can no longer walk or have been unable to walk pain-free (sometimes for years even), this can be a real breakthrough.

Athletes who want to add an extra workout without putting extra strain on their body can also use this treadmill.

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SpartaNova was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Its mission is to put sports science into practice.

To this end, the most recent scientific insights about prevention, rehabilitation, monitoring and training for athletes are used. They have been integrated into an online platform for professionals and field experts.

In this framework, SQUADT acts as a professional and field expert, going through a test protocol in a scientifically substantiated and standardized manner so as to determine the susceptibility to injury for specific sports disciplines.
After going through the screening, a detailed analysis and a personal profile are developed, followed by the selection of the best exercises to tackle the weaker links. "

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Redcord is a revolutionary Norwegian system consisting of ropes and elastics that allows you to perform exercises in a very specific way, with a very broad difficulty range (from very easy to extremely difficult).

It is used for the Neurac method (Neuromuscular activation method), in which the weak links in a muscle chain are identified and retrained. Redcord is so unique because it works on neuromotor skills, which usually guarantees almost instant results. It is the most successful when treating stability issues, inadequate coordination between muscle groups, asymmetrical sport-specific postures and/or movements that should be symmetrical (swimming, cycling, ...) and so on.

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“Technogym has built up a very strong reputation in the strength and cardio equipment market over the years.

This brand stands for solidity and years of reliability.

Its products have met the highest quality standards for decades without losing sight of design and functionality.

It therefore comes as no surprise that they have long been purveyor to the Olympic Games as well as many other top sports events and teams. "

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Wij zijn SQUADT, een team van top-kinesisten en personal trainers dat je van elke blessure afhelpt en ervoor zorgt dat jij jouw sportief doel bereikt. Je kan ons zowel vinden in ons basecamp in Waregem als in Gent (Watersportbaan).

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