Sports physiotherapy

Well-considered active rehabilitation and expertise in clinical reasoning: that's where we make the difference. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal rehabilitation partner for you and/or your team. We always look ahead, with a preventive policy and targeted action to tackle the cause of your issues. 

To Recover

Active rehabilitation is key to us. We think it is important that you start moving and exercising again as quickly as possible. Aquatic rehabilitation can definitely help! Throughout the years, we have built up the necessary know-how to develop a working method that is based on 2 solid pillars:
  • Appropriate manual therapy
  • Tailored and targeted active rehabilitation
Through functional training, we train each individual progressively and in a very targeted manner. We focus as much as possible on your specific sport and goals, tailored to your needs and challenges. After a few sports-specific field rehabs, once your rehabilitation has come to an end, you can go for it again at maximum intensity. 
Manual therapy

Manual therapy

"By using specific manual techniques we can treat painful muscles, tendons and joints. Injured structures such as muscles, tendons and joints will limit your mobility, flexibility and/or functionality, and we naturally want to prevent that.

It is precisely by applying those techniques that we can help those structures get back to normal.
Which techniques do we use exactly? That depends on your needs, or better put, on the needs of your injury. We use anything from manipulations (& lsquo; chiropractic & rsquo;) to mobilizations, stretching, friction, myofascial release therapy, dry needling and much more.

Functional training

Functional training

Functional training strikes a balance between the different muscle groups. We perform muscle strengthening exercises that are linked to movements you make in everyday life on the one hand, and to movements used in different sports disciplines on the other.

This training allows us to work on specific muscle groups and strengthen them. We train the full muscle chains, unlike classic analytical strength training such as fitness. In a nutshell, we help you rehabilitate, but at the same time also build up strength to prevent injuries.

Field rehabilitation

Field rehabilitation

Once we are approaching the end of a rehabilitation period, we integrate even more sport-specific rehabilitation exercises into your training, for example by exercising outside on the pitch and/or in the sandpit. This allows us to gradually rebuild your load capacity. These assisted training sessions boost your confidence to get started immediately, given that you have already gone through the sport-specific movements.

Aquatic rehabilitation

Aquatic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in water is the perfect way to demand some active effort from the body early on in the rehabilitation process. In the water, all forms of impact load are eliminated and we can still work in a targeted way to heal an injury as quickly as possible. 

This form of training is dé a way to keep working on your condition if your injury does not yet allow a (heavy) load (such as walking). It enables us to get your circulation going at an early stage and start boosting your condition right away: a real win-win".

Breathing techniques for athletes

Breathing techniques for athletes

Almost every athlete, both recreational and at the highest professional level, benefits from starting their training or competition in good condition. It goes without saying that requires condition training, which most athletes acknowledge.
We often see that athletes do not train to their full potential, often without them even realizing it.
Let's not forget that the respiratory muscles themselves also consume quite a lot of oxygen if they are not in optimum condition. This results in a Metaboreflex with reduced oxygen transport to the legs, for example, which negatively affects your performance. In other words, it has been scientifically proven repeatedly that when exercising, both in condition and muscle training, we should not forget about our respiratory muscles, as these are key and may limit our performance.
SQUADT can also map out the performance of these muscles. If necessary, the diaphragm and inter-rib muscles can be trained in a targeted manner.

Of course, athletes who have exercise-related respiratory problems are also welcome at SQUADT.

To Prevent

Our motto is ‘prevention is better than cure’. With that in mind, we offer you (or your team) preventive screening tailored to your situation. In doing so, we check for weak links in the body, which may eventually evolve into sports-specific injuries. Our goal is of course to prevent these injuries. 

In this framework, we have joined forces with Spartanova, a spin-off of Ghent University. Spartanova is an online software package that enables us to identify and, above all, prevent risk factors for injuries.

How does a Spartanova test work? We perform specific tests on you to determine your risk of injury. The results are analyzed and compared with a database of 15,000 other athletes. This gives us an objective benchmark, which is very reliable. 

And then it's time for action! We take the results of the screening and set to work. More than 500 exercises have been integrated into the software. We check which ones apply to you and explain how you can work with them concretely. This allows you to tackle your own shortcomings and prevent injuries. read more




The quality service we have already provided to so many individual athletes is of course also available to your team. The unique combination of a very large infrastructure, an extensive and strong team én many years of experience makes SQUADT your ideal partner for the follow-up of your team. Like no other we can ensure quick availability, direct contact, a high level of flexibility and much more. As a result, whenever an injury occurs in your team, we can respond very quickly, guaranteeing a quick care program and recovery.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us.



In addition to the individual injury preventive screenings, we also have the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to screen entire teams efficientlyë. These screenings are sport-specific (i.e. there is a different screening for soccer players than for cyclists, for example) and include extensive individual reporting. This allows us to identify individual aspects that need to be tackled for each athlete within your team. Eliminating these issues will reduce their risk of injury, thus increasing the profitability of your team.

Of course we can also organize preventive follow-ups and training sessions for your team. For more info, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us!

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Guidance on site

Guidance on site

SQUADT has been active in paramedical supervision for many years now, working with many different teams and high-end sports events such as international sports competitions and tournaments.
As such, we guarantee the necessary flexibility that these assignments entail, in addition to the experience and knowledge that we promise all our customers and patients day in, day out.
Since we supervise various soccer clubs, triathlon teams, swimming clubs, cycling teams, sports federations and the like, we can draw on a gigantic background of experiences that we can apply to other disciplines too.
There is nothing more convenient than having a few regular therapists for your team.
The road to success, with as few bumps along the road as possible, is a long one, but we are eager to help you get there!
Feel free to call or e-mail us for more info!

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Well-considered active rehabilitation and expertise in clinical reasoning: that's where we make the difference. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal rehabilitation partner for you and/or your team. We always look ahead, and we naturally adopt a preventive policy.

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