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Corporate wellbeing

Do you put the health of your employees first at your company? Great, so do we! 
Very often, companies are eager to establish a health policy, but the road to get there may be a little bumpy. 
We are happy to help you draw up this policy and ensure that it is rolled out as smoothly as possible.

That is why we have developed our SQUADT Corporate Well-being Concept, which focuses on solutions tailored to your company & your employees. Our extensive medical background and expertise serve as a unique and solid foundation to work out a well-considered, tailor-made project in a balanced way.


The strength of the SQUADT Corporate Well-being Concept lies in the fact that it is completely tailored to the needs of the company and its employees. We analyze the key factors relating to activity levels (Move), healthy eating (Eat) and mental rest (Rest) of the employees at various levels. We combine this with the corporate policy, the infrastructural possibilities, time management, planned budgets and much more.

We provide you with a clear presentation of the results at your company and come up with a complete tailor-made proposal based on these results. We have found that this approach, which relies on personal input, truly encourages the employees to jump on board.

We can also link this with our uniquely developed SQUADT Bio-Age test. More info?

Bio Age Test

We all know our calendar age, but what is your physical age and above all, your biological age? Extensive physical tests in combination with surveys on your eating and sleeping habits allow us to calculate your Bio Age or that of your team. The end result? An overall company overview and personal schedules for each employee to work with.

This is the ideal tool to stimulate your team to work on their overall health, offering everyone personal goals and a tailor-made program!

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