In an obligation-free meeting, we will jointly determine your personal goals and see how we can achieve them.

per session 0 €
In Waregem In Gent

1 to 1

During this session you will be personally coached by your coach for 60 min. You will continue to work on the goals you have jointly set during the intake meeting. 

per session 55 €
In Waregem In Gent

2 to 4 persons

In a self-composed group of maximum 4 people, you will work towards a common goal for 60 minutes under the supervision of your coach. It goes without saying that we take into account any differences in level and we adapt the exercises individually. You only need to make 1 booking per group.

per session 66 €
In Waregem In Gent

Wij zijn SQUADT, een team van top-kinesisten en personal trainers dat je van elke blessure afhelpt en ervoor zorgt dat jij jouw sportief doel bereikt. Je kan ons zowel vinden in ons basecamp in Waregem als in Gent (Watersportbaan).

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